Data Type

In previous tutorial we read about variables. We also know that variables have size and type. Now, what’s that? Why bother about type and size? Java cares about type. It won’t allow you to do something bizarre and dangerous, like stuff a Chocolate reference into a Cold-drink Variable, or stuff an aircraft reference into a … Continue reading Data Type



Suppose, we want to perform addition of two numbers in our program. We can directly add 5+5. But, in program first we need to store these values somewhere in order to use it throughout our code. We need to store these values in our memory space. Here, variable act as a container  which is a … Continue reading Variables

Installing JDK

In some of the computers it might be initially present. You can check for the already installed file by following these steps: Control Panel   ⇒⇒⇒   Programs   ⇒⇒⇒    Programs & Features U will see the following files: For those who don't have jdk files installed must follow these steps: JDK installation: Download JDK file (as … Continue reading Installing JDK

Requirements to run Java

Before we discuss what are the basic requirements to run java file we need to know how java works. Suppose, we write a Java program (on any platform). First, we need to compile the program. Therefore, JVM compiler (called javac) generates a byte code (bytecode files use the extension .class). However, bytecode is not … Continue reading Requirements to run Java