Object Behavior

You already learned about object in previous tutorial. But you had many queries regarding objects - Why Objects? What’s its use? In previous tutorials you wrote codes in a class with main method.  Ever wondered if you can create methods(like bark(), hungry()) in a class other than the main method class. What we are trying to say … Continue reading Object Behavior



We assume now you are very much familiar with data types, variables, class { } & methods ( ). Object is the most important concept in Java. So what is an object? An object can be anything physical entity like dog, mobile, bike, fan etc. They are objects because they have a state and a behavior. … Continue reading Objects

Installing JDK

In some of the computers it might be initially present. You can check for the already installed file by following these steps: Control Panel   ⇒⇒⇒   Programs   ⇒⇒⇒    Programs & Features U will see the following files: For those who don't have jdk files installed must follow these steps: JDK installation: Download JDK file (as … Continue reading Installing JDK

Requirements to run Java

Before we discuss what are the basic requirements to run java file we need to know how java works. Suppose, we write a Java program Filename.java (on any platform). First, we need to compile the program. Therefore, JVM compiler (called javac) generates a byte code (bytecode files use the extension .class). However, bytecode is not … Continue reading Requirements to run Java

Features of Java

  Simple: It uses C++ syntax. It has Automatic garbage collection. It has no pointers (Explicit). Object-Oriented: It deals with objects which has data and methods. Java can be easily extended since it is based on the Object model. Includes basic concepts of OOPs: (will learn all these terms in further tutorials). Portable: Byte-code can … Continue reading Features of Java