Object Behavior

You already learned about object in previous tutorial. But you had many queries regarding objects - Why Objects? What’s its use? In previous tutorials you wrote codes in a class with main method.  Ever wondered if you can create methods(like bark(), hungry()) in a class other than the main method class. What we are trying to say … Continue reading Object Behavior


Installing JDK

In some of the computers it might be initially present. You can check for the already installed file by following these steps: Control Panel   ⇒⇒⇒   Programs   ⇒⇒⇒    Programs & Features U will see the following files: For those who don't have jdk files installed must follow these steps: JDK installation: Download JDK file (as … Continue reading Installing JDK

Requirements to run Java

Before we discuss what are the basic requirements to run java file we need to know how java works. Suppose, we write a Java program Filename.java (on any platform). First, we need to compile the program. Therefore, JVM compiler (called javac) generates a byte code (bytecode files use the extension .class). However, bytecode is not … Continue reading Requirements to run Java

Features of Java

  Simple: It uses C++ syntax. It has Automatic garbage collection. It has no pointers (Explicit). Object-Oriented: It deals with objects which has data and methods. Java can be easily extended since it is based on the Object model. Includes basic concepts of OOPs: (will learn all these terms in further tutorials). Portable: Byte-code can … Continue reading Features of Java